10 Most Common Mistakes Of Beginner White Widow Growers

People who start with growing cannabis seeds most of the times make the same mistakes, as there are inexperienced and want to take some shortcuts or are too impatient and strive to much for a large and quick yield. Check this list of ten biggest mistakes (in random order) that newbie marijuana growers commit, learn from them and avoid making them:

  1. Starting with clones
    It is always better for a new grower to start from marijuana seeds rather than clones. In this way you eliminate all the diseases and bugs that come from the clones. Moreover, the cuttings you get will probably be from someone more experienced than you and with previous history with pests – he or she may handle it easily but for a beginner it can end up with a disaster. You will be better off if you buy cannabis seeds and start growing from scratch.
  2. Growing from seeded plants (hermaphrodite pot seeds)
    If you start with seeds of unknown origin, the results may be disappointing. Getting seeds from an unknown source means that you are mostly relying on the genetics not the environment. Furthermore, most likely your seeds will grow out into hermaphrodite plants or they come from a stunted and weak male flower that previous grower failed to notice. In the first scenario your yield will be minimal as the plant will be pollen itself while in the second one the plants will be small and weak like their parents. If you want to have a good yield buy marijuana seeds from a seedbank.
  3. Touching/killing germinated seeds
    The time for weed seeds to sprout is up to ten days. Newbies often touch, and thus destroy, germinated seeds. This is why paper towel method is not suitable for marijuana seeds as you have to touch the seeds when you transfer them to the growing medium.
  4. Starting the growth too early
    For outdoors plantation you should start around the 1st of July. If you start earlier, let’s say in the spring time, you think you should get better yield, but that’s not the case. While the plants will be bigger the flowering will start later. As the light cycles are longer up until the 21st of June, the plant won’t start flowering before August/September. The results: very high plants with very thin buds, because in September the sun is not so strong. For the indoors growth similar problem exists, but this one is due to the fact that light penetrates one or two feet deep. So if you wait for the flowering too long you will have too big plants and in the result smaller yield.
  5. Providing a bad environment
    Marijuana needs a good and balanced environment. This means that air circulation and fresh air should be provided at all times (even during the night cycle). The humidity should be kept at something between 30% and 70% and the optimal temperature for marijuana is 27-30 degrees C (80-86 F).
  6. Overwatering 
    Too much water will destroy your cannabis plant! Be reasonable and water the plant whenever 2 -3 inches of soil are dry. In case of hydroponics, it is very hard to overwater especially if the rockwool cubes are not immersed in water. Even though, if you are not using a drip method, water the setup just between one and three times a day.
  7. Over-fertilizing
    Start the fertilization process when the first two spiked leaves sprout. Follow the amount on the labels but start with 25% and increase in time. Stick to a good watering schedule to prevent salt buildup and root/leaf burn. Remember not to fertilize every time you water the plant!
  8. Under-fertilizing
    It is not so common as growers prefer to give more fertilizers, because they are focused on the yield. In case you don’t want to use fertilizers too much use some natural slow releasing fertilizers with micronutrients and organic soil mixed with both bone and blood meal.
  9. Harvesting too quickly
    Many growers can’t wait to get their hands on their own weed. When you see that the buds are large and look nice, wait another two weeks as during that time they will increase by 25%. If you see that your buds have totally stopped growing and more than half of the white pistils turned brown, then it is the right time for harvesting!
  10. Telling other people
    Really, don’t do it. Many people will feel jealous and nothing good will come out of it. If you really want to brag, keep a journal and show it when you have already harvested the plants.

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