Are White Widow Marijuana Seeds Easy To Grow


White Widow is one of the easiest marijuana plants to grow. First time marijuana growers will be impressed with its ease. White Widow marijuana seeds just want to please their grower. The marijuana plant grows quickly during the vegetative cycle showing new growth daily.

Anticipate explosive overnight growth.

This gives new marijuana growers confidence. When first time growers see their efforts pay off they’re going to work even harder to please the plant.

Germinating white widow marijuana seeds is also easy.

People report near perfect success rates when germinating marijuana seeds! Most can get eight of their ten white widow cannabis seeds to germinate within twenty-four hours. That’s an incredible success rate. And that’s amongst first time growers.

White Widow cannabis seeds are a gorgeous marijuana plant. The marijuana plant will sparkle with crystals – THC glands – on its green leaves and stalk during marijuana flower.

When harvested properly the trim will make excellent hash.

Many new marijuana growers desire to touch their white widow it’s so gorgeous. Be careful not to touch the marijuana plants stem and leaves too much or you will damage the delicate crystals. But you will get your fingers sticky with resin.

A great advantage white widow has over other marijuana seeds is that it can be grown by both by new indoor and outdoor growers. The marijuana plant performs amazing in both conditions.

With a quick marijuana flowering time of eight weeks.

Just because white widow is a super friendly first timer marijuana grower friendly plant doesn’t mean intermediate and expert growers won’t enjoy the experience. The marijuana strain is cannabis classic.

Winner of more Cannabis Cups than any other marijuana strains. Available on the menu in just about every Amsterdam coffee shops. There is really no reason not to grow white widow marijuana seeds.

White Sensation Marijuana Seeds € 50.00

White Sensation cannabis is loaded with THC crystals. At first look she appears like White Widow but in compair White Sensation cannabis grows rock hard buds.
White Sensation is a strong scented cannabis plant that remains short and bushy and is very resinous with a family relationship of White Widow and Snow White. White Sensation cannabis, great for sharing extraordinary taste and easy to grow.

Be aware; White Sensation gives a surprisingly powerful buzz from a relative light smoke.

High: This has you feeling “ripped”… not sleepy but definitely “flash thinking”, going from one subject to another. Attention Deficit Disorder was definitely in motion after smoking this; I was so “antsy” my friends were gonna lock me in the house before a night on the town!
Type: Indica – sativa mix
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 425 gr/m²
THC level: 17.5% – 20%

White Widow Marijuana Seeds € 50.00

The most rewarded variety of recent years in Holland. Year 2004 winner. The plants are white with THC glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves. A very soft smoke and great high. Very potent!!!

White Widow marijuana seeds, Simply one of the best seeds you can get. This strain was originally developed by a breeder about six years ago. A continuous cannabis cup winner. And it is a must have for anyone who grows and uses their own marijuana regularly.

High: After the first puff, that daunting warm feeling of impending stoniess comes over you. You feel it just under your eyes and throughout your body in time. It is a serious heavy highness.
Type: Indica – Sativa mix
Climate: indoor
Yield: 450 gr/m2
THC level: strong 20% – 25%

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