Case Study – White Widow Marijuana Seeds Grow Report

After growing my first batch of white widow marijuana seeds I’ve decided to write up and offer my tips on the entire process. These are some seriously stable marijuana seeds and all the plants I managed to grow look pretty unified with similar results. There were a few minor variations in color and leaf size but overall I was very pleased with the fact they all stood equal.

Growth Report

These white widow seeds respond superbly to hydro. They are, without question the fastest growing marijuana seeds, especially during the vegetative stage when they have literally bounced up.

The growth rate was astounding, within a fortnight all of the white widow plants had stems at least the thickness of a small coin. The roots grew quickly too and spread deep into the buckets, by the end of their growth they’d reached fully to the edges.

I found it best to prune white widow seeds more often than you would usually. Over the course of the plants growth I trimmed a serious amount of leaves and sometimes full branches. So called “super cropping” was an effective method with white widow marijuana seeds and I found the pot plants grew back quickly and effortlessly with very little stress.

You’ll see yourself that it’s easy to train white widow cannabis seeds. The stems and branches are incredibly flexible and simple to position where you like. In fact, you’ll find you have to constantly move them as the leaves are huge and cover wide areas of the pot leaves below them. Just be extra careful when maneuvering the leaves in the vegetative stage as they’re soft and very susceptible to damage.

Throughout the course of the 12/12 flowering growth period these marijuana plants had a pretty small stretch. This however was at least doubled during the cannabis flower period. If I had to make a comparison I’d say it was similar to indica with stumpy appearance right to the tips.

The white widow pot plants grew to a similar height throughout my batch and all ended up around the 40 inch mark. Color variation was pretty standard too.

Marijuana Fertilizers

I didn’t use any cannabis fertilizers at all right up to the 3 week mark. As previously stated the white widow marijuana seeds are fast growers, you’ll be pleasantly surprised each time you see them. There were no major pot fertilizer issues whilst they were in the vegetative phase. If I’m being honest, these were the most care free marijuana seeds I’ve had the pleasure of growing.

Just go easy on the fertilizers unless you’re experiencing some serious growth lag. I think the next time I grow white widow I’ll end up using less fertilizer.

Germination/Vegetation Phase

Every one of my five white widow pot plants germinated.

As you’re undoubtedly aware, marijuana plants don’t react very well to changes in temperature. For this reason you’ll need to keep the temperature constant throughout the early days of the plants development. You may find the need to replant them frequently too due to the incredible root growth rate.

White Widow Marijuana Smells

Cannabis plants are pretty odor free until they reach around a month in age. This is typically the time you’ll start to notice a strong scent. Be warned that the smell is strong and if measures aren’t made to control it will carry for a long distance.

Marijuana Flowering

The sex of the plants was recognizable at 2 weeks in age and I flowered them once they were 18 inches high.

The leaf to calyx ratio of my white widow was around normal but there needed to be a considerable amount of trimming towards the end.

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