How To Grow White Widow Seeds

It’s very easy to learn how to grow white widow marijuana seeds. These marijuana seeds are probably the easiest cannabis seeds to grow. Our full white widow grow guide will provide some basics on how to grow these amazing marijuana plants.

First start by germinating your white widow seeds. There are several methods to germinate medicinal marijuana seeds. Choose the method your most comfortable with. If you’re going with the most common marijuana germination method, paper towel, do not let the paper towel dry out overnight.

Growers report that white widow marijuana seeds are easy to germinate. With success rates close to 80 per cent.

White Widow marijuana strains are wonderful for first time growers who often fail to get their weed seeds to sprout during germination. For the first three weeks of veg growth (18 hours light on / 6 hours light off) do not do much. Other than watering your white widow seeds in the first weeks of growth they will need very little.

They will provide you with explosive growth.

Making it appear they need marijuana fertilizer much earlier than most growers anticipate. Do not fall for this!

Do not marijuana fertilizer your white widow seeds until the third week of veg.

I go easy on my marijuana plant food, but for people who overfeed their plants they’ll be happy to know white widow is very forgiving.

I wouldn’t say white widow requires more or less marijuana nutrients than other seeds. However, the next time I grow white widow weed seeds I’m going to increase my feeding regime just a bit more.

Especially during the marijuana flowering phase.

I used bloom booster marijuana fertilizers with great results. White Widow marijuana buds burst with crystals. Even the stalks, stems and leaves became sticky with resin.

White Widow really swelled up using the proper marijuana fertilizers! This marijuana plant responds well regardless of grow room conditions. Though dramatic changes in temperature will give poor results. Try to maintain a consistent marijuana grow room temperature.

Anticipate explosive growth during the veg phase.

Every day there will be new growth on your white widow plants.

Marijuana growers will be busy trimming or training branches. White Widow seeds will overgrow your room if you let.

Be prepared to trim plenty of branches and leaves to create a great canopy.

You will be rewarded for this hard work.

White Widow is a very bendable plant. Making the marijuana strain excellent for super cropping projects. Or for small CFL computer case grows.

Top the top of the plant in the forth or fifth week of veg to create a very bushy marijuana plant. Continue until about two weeks before throwing the plant into marijuana flower.

White Widow is a fast marijuana flowering plant. It should be done marijuana flowering between 53 and 58 days. This is will create a more indica (downward couchlock) marijuana high.

Some marijuana growers will let their white widow weed seeds go a bit longer. Preferring to pull out the more sativa (uplifting) side of the marijuana plant. The marijuana high from white widow is sedate yet uplifting and creative.

It’s excellent marijuana bud to play video games on.

Learn how to grow white widow seeds is easy. Pay attention to the plant and simply follow along using a detailed marijuana grow guide.

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