How White Widow Marijuana Seeds Strains Are Named

Marijuana seeds require some branding and marketing behind them to sell, so marijuana breeders have opted to name their strains improperly. Though these marketed names are excellent for cannabis lovers to identify different types of marijuana, they leave the marijuana hobbyist breeder frustrated.

What is the genetic makeup of White Widow, Jack Herer, or OG Kush? A proper name on the marijuana seed identifies its genetic makeup.

In the horticultural world, the order of naming hybrids is Female X Male. Many marijuana seed breeders and marijuana seed banks by default practice improper naming. To make selling their marijuana seeds easier.

It is important to be original and not be confusing when promoting marijuana seeds.

Unfortunately, some cannabis seed breeders are using names already taken by marijuana strains. Causing much consumer confusion. Sadly until marijuana is regulated this false marijuana seed naming will continue.

How many different White Widow marijuana seeds are being offered these days? Plenty. Many marijuana seed breeders have developed their own version of what they refer to as White Widow.

This is definitely deceptive and troublesome practice. Introducing a different strain under another now famous name appears to be an attempt to ride on their coattails. It is terribly confusing and misleading to the consumer.

To ensure your marijuana seeds are the real deal purchase them from a reputable marijuana seed bank. There are numerous marijuana seed companies to choose from. Acquiring genuine marijuana seeds instead of ripped off second rate version.

Beware of marijuana seed knock offs.

Sadly most marijuana growers do not know they purchased a shady knock off. Or the possibility the marijuana seed bank shipped a completely different marijuana seed package labeled as their order. This in turn leads to marijuana growers who will claim marijuana seeds from X company are no good.

Or such and such a marijuana seed is no good.

Lastly, marijuana seeds breeders who want to introduce a marijuana strain should consider releasing not only their intended marketing name, but also the genetics via traditional horticulture standards. Though it may take a little longer for marijuana growers to choose to grow out your cannabis seed offerings, the honesty of your efforts will be ultimately rewarded.

White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds € 110.00

The most rewarded variety of recent years in Holland. Year 2004 winner. The plants are white with THC glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves. A very soft smoke and great high. Very potent!!!

White Widow marijuana seeds, Simply one of the best seeds you can get. This strain was originally developed by a breeder about six years ago. A continuous cannabis cup winner. And it is a must have for anyone who grows and uses their own marijuana regularly.

High: After the first puff, that daunting warm feeling of impending stoniess comes over you. You feel it just under your eyes and throughout your body in time. It is a serious heavy highness.
Type: Indica – Sativa mix
Climate: indoor
Yield: 450 gr/m2
THC level: strong 20% – 25%

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