Is White Widow Indica or Sativa

That’s a common question for people who have smoked white widow marijuana buds. The marijuana high is both sedate and uplifting.

Causing some confusion and debate about white widow marijuana seeds.

The marijuana strain is both!

Also known as a hybrid amongst marijuana breeders.

White Widow is a hybrid (or sibling) of the best sativa and indica marijuana seeds. By combining two great marijuana plants then seeking out their best offspring, marijuana breeders were able to create white widow.

It’s a classic award winning marijuana strain. Winning numerous High Times Cannabis Cups with its unique spicy floral flavor. With an aftertaste that remains long after the last inhale.

The marijuana flavor is so memorable that stoners will recall months, sometimes years after they last inhaled it.

What about white widow marijuana high?


The reason white widow is on so many amsterdam coffee shop menus is that the stone is fantastic. Both sedate couchlock and chatty uplifting.

Many stoners claim white widow is the best marijuana to play video games on.

Since its stunning debut in 1994, White Widow continues to generate popularity and appeal. After fifteen years of going strong it doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

White widow has become so popular that there are numerous makes and models. Many marijuana seed banks offer several different varieties of white widow weed seeds. Making it very easy to buy white widow seeds.

Depending on when white widow harvest happens will determine whether it is more indica or sativa based. When white widow is harvested early it is more indica based while those who wait longer during marijuana flower will find it to be more sativa.

For growers seeking a more indica marijuana high a harvest window of 53 – 55 days is suggested. While 60 – 65 days is suggested to bring out the sativa marijuana high.

The 12 day difference is recognizable in the final product.

Experienced marijuana growers will slowly harvest white widow.

Harvesting and curing their white widow over a period of two weeks to get the best indica and sativa leaning characteristics.

Lemon Ice Marijuana Seeds € 25.00

Lemon ice marijuana seeds, from which this mostly sativa plant grows tall and strong, forming many thight buds. This marijuana lady loves the sun, if you have the space and enough lumen of light she will grow as well indoor.
This lemon tasting daytime smoke makes you feel good, refresh your moods and keeps you going.

High: Oh yes, this one’s a ripper. Nice ampy, “Pick-me-up” high with a strong finish. The body blow from the indica is smooth and steady for about only 5-10 minutes before the more dominant sativa part of Lemon Ice hits you for good!
Type: mostly sativa
Climate: indoor, outdoor
Yield: 450 gr/m²
THC level: 15-19%

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