Space Bubble marijuana seeds

10 seeds: € 60.00

Space Bubble Cannabis has a powerful growth and can be harvested around 8 weeks of flowering. Space Bubble produces a high level of thc witch appears like sugar cristals and spread a delicious sweet candy like fragrance and her sticky bubbling resin taste like gumballs. Space Bubble marijuana, a sugar coated journey into 420 space.

Space Bubble marijuana strain characteristics:

Taste: The dry hit is lovely; tasting of sage, softly minty, with a very light spicy pepper at the end. You can surprisingly take large hits without choking, even with all that resin. It leaves a soft-peppery-spicy flavour on the back of your throat.

High: I found myself periodically checking over my shoulder to see what was causing the shadows to move in odd streaks on the path in front of me! Space Bubble is the perfect weed to toke on a warm sunny day when there’s time to relax in a park or along the waterside.

Plant specifications:

Quantity: 10 seeds
Type: Mostly indica
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 450 gr/m²
Height: 50 – 60 cm
Flowering period: 8 – 10 weeks
Harvest: October
Stoned or High: Stoney in space
THC level: 20%
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

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