Strawberry Ice Feminized marijuana seeds

10 seeds: € 110.00

The Strawberry Ice feminized seeds are of North American origin and partly clearly European. Strawberry Ice is a hybrid between an Indica and Sativa marijuana strain. Easy to grow strain. Individual plants will grow to medium height. Are you ready to taste the Strawberry Ice Flavour?

Strawberry Ice Feminized marijuana strain characteristics:

Taste: The flavour is incredibly strong; we took some “dry-hits” off a small joint and barely could wait… then, it was lit up AND… VOILA! The room was filled with a sweet, nectar-like smoke.

High: A relaxed feeling immediately came that felt like I was drifting down a slow-moving river on a giant soft mattress… it’s warm, the breeze is just right and there are scents of jasmine floating through the air. Then suddenly, your lovely little river journey hits some serious rapids… your peripheral vision gets all warped and you really feel what I can only describe as gravity-trip hit me as things around me were swirling in movement. WOW!

Plant specifications:

Quantity: 10 seeds
Type: mainly sativa
Climate: indoor, outdoor
Yield: 300 gr/m²
Height: 35-65 cm
Flowering period: 9 weeks
Harvest: october
Stoned or High: fruity sativa high
THC level: 15-20%
Grow Difficulty: easy

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