White Widow Kush Marijuana Strain

There are numerous reports on Internet forums about White Widow Kush. It’s not surprising marijuana breeders have taken the two best marijuana strains and tried to create a new type of marijuana.

Talk about a marijuana strain with big shoes to fill.

Possibly that’s the reason no has tried to produce White Widow Kush.

Until now.

Again there are early reports that some cannabis breeders are starting to work with both Kush and White Widow to produce something amazing.

Both marijuana strains have such legendary status that failure is not an option. Marijuana smokers will debate endlessly about whether the parents are better than the sibling when a White Widow Kush is finally mass produced in seed form.

Afghan Kush x White Widow is starting to become available. Combining the resinous yummy smooth Kush with the spicy zing of White Widow. For those who think indica marijuana buds do not have marijuana flavor this marijuana type will convince you otherwise.

This example of White Widow x Kush had a very subtle smell, almost nonexistent. The smell that is there is the smell of classic good pot.

Sweet, with a minimum of “plant matter” smell.

How about the marijuana high?

Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Pure euphoria without fatigue, or mental incapacitation, or extreme drowsiness.

Marijuana breeders continue to seek a new phenotype that has best of both marijuana plants. Much time and effort is required to create a plant like White Widow Kush. Finding the perfect cross between these two marijuana plants will take some perfecting.

Both have many dominate characteristics.

Marijuana seeds won’t become widely available for sometime. Making this marijuana type only available to a very select few. Chances are one of these marijuana breeders will find an amazing balance between both Kush and Whtie Widow that marijuana enthusiasts then declare it to be a fantastic marijuana strain.

Space Bubble Marijuana Seeds € 60.00

Space Bubble Cannabis has a powerful growth and can be harvested around 8 weeks of flowering. Space Bubble produces a high level of thc witch appears like sugar cristals and spread a delicious sweet candy like fragrance and her sticky bubbling resin taste like gumballs. Space Bubble marijuana, a sugar coated journey into 420 space.

High: I found myself periodically checking over my shoulder to see what was causing the shadows to move in odd streaks on the path in front of me! Space Bubble is the perfect weed to toke on a warm sunny day when there’s time to relax in a park or along the waterside.
Type: Mostly indica
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 450 gr/m²
THC level: 20%

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