White widow marijuana seeds flowering

19th September

This is my first day of flowering. It’s really cool to see the weed seeds I bought growing up. I think that growing marijuana seeds is a really rewarding hobby. But going back to reality, I am planning to use the Bat Guano nutrient during the first week of flowering and week after I will use the Liquid Light from Dutch Master.

26th September

I’ve been using the Bat Guano for the whole week and I can’t say if its effective yet. However, today I noticed a kind of yellowing somewhere in the middle of my plant. It looks like a symptom of Cal-mag deficiency. I guess I have to buy some Calcium Magnesium supplement. Unfortunately, it’s Sunday so I won’t get anything today. Next time I am going to buy marijuana seeds, I have to remember about buying some extra insecticides and supplements, just in case something goes wrong. In the following week I will use the Liquid Light to make the light hours of the flowering stage more efficient.

3th October

The second week is over and as you can see all is going well so far. But I’m missing something . It’s the smell. My plant hasn’t got this good smell that grown pot seeds should have. That’s why I have decided to put in some blackstrap molasses to make it sweeter . Someone told me that the LED lights give the plant an extra kick, especially during the flowering. I hope this is true and my buds will be huge.

24th October

It’s already the 32nd day of flowering and things look really great. I’ve been trimming the lower part of the plant every now and then. Plus, I’m constantly adding the Bat Guano nutrient. I was using the nutrient in .5-10-.2 proportion during the first four weeks and now I’ve switched to 10-2-1 for the next four weeks. As I previously said, I also used it when my cannabis seeds were still in vegetative stage.

2nd November

Welcome to day 44 of the flowering. It’s getting closer and closer to the harvest stage , after which I will decide whether I should buy cannabis seeds of this strain again. But if you check those gorgeous buds of my plant in the picture, you can safely predict that the yield will be enormous.

3th November

It’s just a couple of days before I get past the 8 week mark and I am wondering shouldn’t I harvest the biggest colas which are closest to the light and leave the rest to develop more. I have to be sure about that as I don’t want to waste my effort so close to the end. Especially that I really put my heart into growing those marijuana seeds.

5th November

I found some info about harvesting the upper buds and I’ve learned that I should check the trichomes. You can see in the picture how should a trichome look like. It will signal the right time for harvesting. If you harvest when the trichome is clear then the weed will be useless.

10th November

I have some bad news. I’ve noticed an abnormal yellowing around the leaves. After closer inspection of the plant it turned out that my colas were attacked by mold. I had to cut off three main cola tops, to save the plant from massive mold spread. I will have to figure out what hit the colas and should I harvest the plant earlier.

11th November

I did some research last night and I confirmed that what attacked my plant was budrot , also called “brown rot” or “grey mold”. According to the resources I got the infected buds should be isolated as soon as possible and quickly dried. The growing room humidity should be considerably reduced to stop the spread of the mold. Unfortunately, the reference also stated that if more than one cola is rotting I should harvest as soon as possible to save whatever is left unaffected.

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