White Widow Marijuana Seeds Summary

White Widow is one of those famous marijuana strains that every marijuana grower should plant at least once. These marijuana seeds are wonderful to grow.

  • Easy to germinate. White Widow marijuana seeds germinate easily. Anticipate a near perfect success rate.
  • White Widow marijuana plants grow quickly. Near explosive growth. When grown correctly white widow marijuana strains will have new growth daily until harvest.
  • First Timer Friendly. One reason white widow is so popular is that first time marijuana growers get great results for their efforts.
  • Forgives mistakes. If you over water, feed too much marijuana fertilizer or take too much off the top during pruning white widow will come back. Making it perfect for novices.
  • Experts love it too. The marijuana plant responds incredibly that when given expert attention it becomes an award winning marijuana strain.

Overall I feel it is an excellent marijuana plant

First time growers should definitely give this one a shot. Expect a few lemons in the group, but even the lemonade isn’t too bad.

The marijuana plants were happy with less marijuana fertilizer in veg and flower and will reward you with fantastic rates of growth if given the right balance. These are very responsive marijuana seeds that quickly tell you if there is a problem.

Like I mentioned before, this is a very quick growing marijuana plant that requires maintenance throughout the veg period.

A harvest time of 8 weeks is optimal. I would think 8 weeks max.

White Widow Feminized Marijuana Seeds € 110.00

The most rewarded variety of recent years in Holland. Year 2004 winner. The plants are white with THC glands, even on big parts of the fan leaves. A very soft smoke and great high. Very potent!!!

White Widow marijuana seeds, Simply one of the best seeds you can get. This strain was originally developed by a breeder about six years ago. A continuous cannabis cup winner. And it is a must have for anyone who grows and uses their own marijuana regularly.

High: After the first puff, that daunting warm feeling of impending stoniess comes over you. You feel it just under your eyes and throughout your body in time. It is a serious heavy highness.
Type: Indica – Sativa mix
Climate: indoor
Yield: 450 gr/m2
THC level: strong 20% – 25%

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