White widow marijuana seeds vegetative

4Th August

I’ve decided to grow some pot seeds as I have recently become a medical patient. Honestly, this is my first attempt at growing cannabis seeds, so I am looking forward to seeing the results. I had to think a while before I could buy marijuana seeds as I didn’t know what strain to choose. Somebody suggested me that I should buy White Widow seeds , because the yield is quite bountiful. My weed seeds will grow in a small closet (71”x24”x17”) and as a medium I will use some standard potting soil. Additionally, the lighting I am using is a 180 Watt Spectra LED lamp and the nutrients I have decided on using are Roots Excelurator and Bat Guano.
Here you can see my setup and the plant ,see how the fluorescent lighting is very bright.

12Th August

Today I used the Roots Excelurator for the first time both as a foliage spray and in the watering, you can check it out on the picture and see how my marijuana seeds are growing. I also made a small change to my LED lights as I cut out the glass from the panel. I did it, because I got advice from friend of mine who claims that the glass is blocking the light. We will see if this proves beneficial.

13Th August

I just wanted to show you how my plant is growing. I think that the LED lights can really do wonders. I guess I wouldn’t have so good results if I had used HID lights. I am so happy that I’ve invested into those LEDs. Getting rid of the glass was good too, as now the light is not stopped or reflected by it.

17Th August

When I was checking on my plant in the morning I spotted some strange looking leaves, you can see them in the photo. They were twisted and looking strange. I was pretty worried that something is wrong, but I’ve checked on the Internet and it isn’t anything I should worry about.

21Th August

My baby is growing really nice and I have added some nutrients during the watering today: Bat Guano and Roots Excelurator. Moreover, I trimmed my plant a little bit and also topped four of the highest nodes. I’ve done it to make sure that the plant is getting good light penetration. I am really getting excited about the harvest and I wonder what’s the yield I will get from these White Widow marijuana seeds.

23Th August

I came upon a problem today. While I was watering I spotted some bugs, you can see them in the picture. I am not sure what they are but I bet those are either gnats or root aphids. Nevertheless, I have to buy some insecticides and get rid of this infestation as soon as possible. By the way, the insect attack might be caused by over-watering . I was giving my plant a lot of water every second day. Later on, I’ve changed it to three day cycle, but my plant got droopy. Now I am going to water it every day or maybe every second day (I will be checking the soil), but definitely the watering want be so generous!

17Th September

My plant is at the end of the vegetative stage and I am really satisfied with the results. The bugs are gone and my watering cycle proved to be successful – just see how the plant has grown! However, if I had cracked the correct watering routine faster, I guess the plant could have been even bigger. Tomorrow I will trim the plant and probably prepare for the flowering stage.

18Th September

In the picture you can see the beautiful canopy of my plant, which I am proud of. I have trimmed my plant and I am going for the 36-hour period of darkness and then I will switch to 12/12 cycle for flowering. Summing up this part I can say that if I buy cannabis seeds for the next time, it will definitely be the White Widow strain, because its grow during vegetative stage is impressive.

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