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The most famous and most revered strain in Dutch weed-history

White Widow plants are covered with so many THC glands, even some of the leaves turn white. Winner of the cannabis cup back in the mid-nineties and awarded best strain of the Netherlands in 2004, White Widow combines a smooth taste with an amazing high and extraordinary potency!

These white widow seeds really are some of the best marijuana seeds available anywhere. The weed is very recognizable for all who have ever smoked it, and the seeds are a must-have for any grower, whether aspiring or experienced.

White Widow Marijuana Seeds

10 seeds + 10 free seeds: € 50.00

Recommended by Dutch Experts! Characteristics:

Flavor: The strain tastes remarkably fresh and has hints of fruit. But the high potency of the crystals will cause your attention to be drawn away from the taste at the onset of the amazing high that is about to enfold.

Scent: The smell of white widow is instantly recognizable due to its strong odor which can only be described as a mix of sweetness and sourness.

Appearance: The plant conjures up images of Christmas, as it is reminiscent of a green plant covered by white snow. The white hairs and resin glands we all love can be found all over the bud.

Feel: Touching the plant can leave a lasting impression on anyone because of its unexpected stickiness, which is a result of the hundreds or thousands of crystal formations.

Smoke: Just one puff is all you need to know what White Widow is all about. It lifts your mood with its great high and knocks you down with its heavy stone at the same time.

Heritage: At a ratio of 60 sativa to 40 indica, this strain combines the best of both worlds and delivers a high to never forget. Specifications:

Vegetative Time:Half a month to a month. When growing hydroponically, 2 weeks should suffice.

Flowering Time: The flowering period (triggered by days of 12 hours light and 12 hours darkness) should last at least 8 weeks, but 10 weeks should give you optimal results. We recommend the last two weeks to have 16 hours or even total darkness, in order to avoid flower regrowth and to induce the plant to give up every last bit of THC it has.

Type: Indica – Sativa mix
Climate: indoor
Yield: 450 gr/m2
Plant height: 35 – 60 cm
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Harverst month: begin september
Stoned type: extreme high
THC level: strong 20% – 25%
Difficulty: moderate


1st Place – BIO – HTCC – Award (8th Cannabis Cup 1995) Growers’ comments:

White Widow is a very unique strain with a good strong high, excellent taste very light. Beautiful buds with white crystals (looks like it is sugared) with reddish orange hairs and it breaks very easily, although it is very sticky it breaks like dried out old weed. If you even leave the bud out in a room it will smell up the entire room very skunky stinky smell very green buds. I LOVED IT. – Frog

White Widow was my most recent attempt and it totally blew me away. It was so easy to cultivate and the plant yielded 2 oz or pure, tight buds. Really nice high with a bit of an up. A must for the beginner. Thanks again. – Master 420

Medijuana Marijuana Seeds € 50.00

The medical grade marijuana. This stuff is intense. It relieves pain and tension, chills you out, takes the trouble from your mind and frees you – temporarily. When you’re down it lifts you, when you’re up it relaxes you. This is the real deal folks. It works. Unless of course you hit the permastone! Then you don’t pay anymore… This stuff is the most potent strain of pot you can find, bred and grown specifically for those with debilitating illnesses and huge pains. Award winning and amazing, try this once and you’ll never look back. If you grow you’ll want – wrong – you’ll need to grow this. Give it a go.

High: Described simply as “out of this world” you’ll feel as if you’re staring headlong down a long rainbow flecked corridor. Your peripheral vision will be awash with flashes and sparks. For the meditation enthusiasts this is the must have smoke.
Type: mostly indica
Climate: indoor, outdoor
Yield: 550 gr/m²
THC level: 25%

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